August 4, 2010

Search Terms

Looking over the referrer log tonight, I see that it's time for another 'search terms' post. Seeing the terms by which folks get to one's blog via search engines can be both amusing and perplexing. Here are some of the recent searches that brought visitors here:

"Order of Friars Minor." Not funny, but I was surprised to discover that this blog had worked it's way on to the first page of Google results for this one.

"Chronically acedic." I admit it; I am.

"Penitenziagite." I know. I need to.

"What is meant by hypertrophy?" It's what Jeremiah had in sympathy for God, according to Eddie Hanker, a teacher I was very fortunate to have at an impressionable moment.

"Cute nun." I'm not, but have nothing against the concept.


Rachel Gray said...

These search terms can reveal more about ourselves and our blogs than we'd like to admit! ;)

Anonymous said...

A Google search for "MINOR FRIAR WEIRDNESS" listed 374,000 results. This blog was #1