January 11, 2011

Augustine on Miracles

"A 'miracle' for Augustine was just such a reminder of the bounds imposed on the mind by habit. In a universe in which all processes happen by the will of God, there need be nothing less remarkable in the slow, habitual processes of nature. We take for granted the slow miracle by which water in the irrigation of a vineyard becomes wine: it is only when Christ turns water into wine, 'in a quick motion' as it were, that we are amazed."

~Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo: A Biography (newer edition, 2000, p. 420)


Mark in Spokane said...

Good to see where CS Lewis got the idea that underpinned his book Miracles.

Who said that all theology is just a series of footnotes to Augustine?

Anonymous said...

good thoughts. I like the idea of "Slow miracles" great thoughts.

I'd love to read this book more.

4narnia said...

nice post, Fr. C! i think if we slow down a bit, ourselves, then we won't "take for granted" the slow miracles. PAX!
-tara t-

Brother Charles said...


We heard with glee of your appearance in Fr. David's class in Rome!

4narnia said...

yes, Fr. C! one of the Friars, whose monastery i have been staying at here in Italy, is taking Fr. David's class at the Pontifica University and so i took a ride on the bus yesterday so i could say hello to Fr. David. it was great to see him. i got to walk around and explore the University and made another friend, Sister Agnes, who works in one of the ofices (she's a Franciscan Sister from Korea and we talked for a while and got to know one another. i got you a little something from Assisi, so when i see you next, i will give it to you. PAX! -tara t- p.s.: my flight back to new york is tomorrow on Delta flight 245 from Rome to JFK, so please say a little prayer that it's a safe one. i'm ready to go home and get back to the parishes, especially Sacred Heart! i miss everyone there!