January 26, 2011

Fogs and Clouds

St. Augustine, he understands how hard it is to try to think about such things as we are supposed to in studying theology:

Noli quaerere quid sit veritas; statim enim se opponent caliginem imaginum corporalium et nubila phantasmatum... (De Trinitate VIII:3)

Don't ask what truth is; immediately there will be against you a fog of bodily images and clouds of funny ideas.


RJ said...

I hope your course won't circumvent Aquinas, Father. He builds on his predecessors but has the advantage of a more developed philosophical/theological system.

I found his account of subsistent relations to be enlightening when it came to understanding divine personhood (insofar as one can understand it).

I have the impression that some modern theologians try to avoid St Thomas. Sick men with an aversion to wholesome food?

Brother Charles said...

It is true that Thomas, even among his contemporaries, has a certain refreshing clarity.

RJ said...

Regretting my last paragraph: casting aspersions and feeding paranoia.