January 18, 2011

Need to Know Basis

Sometimes there are hilarious conversations in friaries. For example:

Friar visiting kitchen: "Is there any hot water [in the electric tea pot]?"

Friar cooking supper: "Maybe. [Fr.] John as just here; he made some water."

"He made some water? I know he's talented, but he's not God."

"God didn't make water."

"Of course he did. Don't you believe in creation?"

"Yes. But the water was already there. Read Genesis."

"So where did it come from if God didn't make it?"

"I don't know. The Scripture doesn't say, so it must not be relevant to redemption."


"Divine Revelation only imparts what we need to know to be saved."


doughboy said...

how do you live in a place where the slightest comment or query has such deep theological implications? i can't make up my mind if that would be sheer heaven or madness.

clavis said...

May be Friar #1 should have just left Friar #2 alone, so he can cook in peace =)

GirlCanChant said...

Yeah, water's totally not important. It's only like, what, 70% of the planet?

Denise Bossert said...

I enjoy your tweets. And now that I have stumbled upon your blog, I can see that it is equally witty and good for the soul. Thanks!