January 14, 2011

Being a Friend

Today's gospel, St. Mark's account of Jesus healing the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof of the house by his four friends, is for me a beautiful image of Christian friendship. In the Franciscan context, it's an image of evangelical fraternity.

In order to get their friend into the healing presence of Jesus, the friends climb onto the roof, break through it, and lower their friend on his mat. They are willing to do something strenuous, even outrageous and impolite (to the homeowner), to get their friend in front of the Lord. That's the faith that Jesus sees.

If we love someone, if we want to be a friend or gospel brother, what greater charity could there be than to do the same? How much effort am I willing to make in helping others get into the Lord's presence? Do I will anything as strenuous and outrageous as the friends in the gospel?

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