August 3, 2011

et, percutientes sibi pectus, dicunt

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and charity of reader Carl, who rescued the book from a culling at a seminary library, today I have received a 1944 Caeremoniale Romano-Seraphicum in the Capuchin use. Ironically, the bears a library stamp from our old monastery in Garrison, New York. So it has made a trip and come home.

The ceremonial is full of great stuff. Here's a fun little sample:

De pectoris percussione

Percussio pectoris, quando in sacris functionibus praescribitur, fit manu dextera aperta et extensa, digitisque simul coniunctis. Ne sit strepitosa, sed modesta, ita ut mentem et cor sincera peccatorum suorum contritione imbutum in spem divinae clementiae erigat, ac ceteros ad pietatem excitet.

On the striking of the breast

The striking of the breast, when it is prescribed in the sacred services, is to be made with the right hand open and extended, and also with the fingers joined. It is not to be noisy, but modest, that the mind be raised to hope in divine clemency and the heart be imbued with sincere contrition for its sins, and that others be aroused to piety.

Here's hoping everyone gets to pray the new and improved Confiteor on the first Sunday of Advent this year, beating their breasts in just such a spirit.

As always, translation improvements are welcome in the comments.

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