August 7, 2011

On Retreat

Today I'm getting myself ready to be off on retreat tomorrow. Once I go, comments will not be published until I get back next weekend. In the past, retreat has given me some reflections to blog. Should that happen again, I'll put them up next week.

In your charity, pray for me.

Here are the Mass intentions I intend to offer during the week:

Tuesday: For all those against whom I have sinned in the past year

Wednesday: For our newly professed friars, and for those preparing for perpetual profession next month

Thursday: For the friars I have been asked to serve as guardian

Friday: For the readers of this blog, and your intentions


Greg said...

Our prayers are with you on your retreat.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated (and needed).

May Saint Francis bless your quiet moments with his considerable love and wisdom.

Pax et Bonum.

Judy Kallmeyer said...

Have a wonderful retreat! I do appreciate your prayers. Know that you have mine daily.

Sara said...

Be well, Fr. Charles, and I will pray for you too.

GirlCanChant said...

Thank you, Father, for your prayers!

I remembered you in prayer while I was on retreat the last week of July. (No emergency altar cloth ironing this time, I'm sad to say.) I also lit a candle for you at the local Capuchin parish a few days ago. Best wishes for a peaceful and prayerful retreat!

Fr. Andrew said...

3 out of 4 aint too bad

Brother Charles said...