August 5, 2011

Why We Don't Make Progress

"God has created human souls for himself. He desires to unite them to himself and to give them the immeasurable fullness and incomprehensible bliss of his own divine life, already in this life. That is the goal to which he directs them and toward which they themselves should strive with all their might. But the way to it is narrow, steep, and difficult. Most people remain en route. A few manage to get beyond the first beginnings--a dwindling small number arrive at the goal. That is due to dangers on the way--worldly dangers, the evil enemy, and one's own nature--but also due to ignorance and lack of qualified guidance. Souls do not understand what is happening within them, and seldom is someone to be found who could open their eyes to what is going on."

Edith Stein, The Science of the Cross, 37. Trans. Josephine Koeppel, OCD

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Greg said...

Wonderful passage. Resonates with the course I taught his past week on The Ministry of Conflict Resolution, based on Taming the Wolf.

A key part of conflict resolution is the journey from false self to divine self, which includes the ability to see the divine in the other.

Among the religious and clergy in the class were two wonderful Franciscan sisters who share my love for Francis — it was a week of celebration of the little poor man and his peacemaking insights.

Would love to share the course with select guardians one day.