October 6, 2011

Day in the Life of Fr. Guardian

I call company A, in the business of service X, to take care of X for the friary. Representative of company A informs me that my predecessor fired company A, telling company A that service X would now be taken care of by company B, which is in the business of service Y, but also, apparently, able to take care of service X. Unfortunately, my predecessor later fired company B, in favor of having service Y rendered by company C. Company C, though highly competent at service Y among many others, does not deal with service X. So I would have to re-hire company A for service X, if it weren't for an issue asserted by civil government entity Z demanding resolution before service X can be rendered. So now I have to call company D to take care of the assertion of civil government entity Z before I can call company A again to re-retain them once again for service X.

This is leaving the world?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully D-company is competent in their profession, and has successfully resolved similar issues with CG-Z so that A-Company can do their business of resolving problem-X.It would be a shame if you had to enlist the rest of the alphabet all for the sake of solving a one letter problem. I wish you luck.

Barb, sfo said...

Looks more like an agebra equation to me.

GirlCanChant said...

It looked like algebra to me, too, Barb. ;-)

Good luck, Fr. Guardian!

Suzanne said...

You are the Friary Manager! Guardian seems to be a glorified term. My prayers, Brother.