October 7, 2011

What I Learned At Supper Tonight

We had some guests for supper tonight and in the fertile conversation that ensued, I learned many new things:

Beard and union suit is an acceptable fire-fighting outfit.

Your confreres in religion many not find it as funny and lighthearted as you do to jump in a fountain with your habit on.

Electricity may, or may not, have a hard time going up hill.

Italian bats are smarter than you, so don't even think about it.

Magicians who give magic shows in Latin have no need of stage names.

In the olden days when a young and liberated man would grow his hair long, it made the conferral of tonsure very entertaining.

Germans always want to sing.

There are places, houses of Franciscan friars to be more precise, where one is only allowed to smoke inside.


carl said...

With regard to the last one, maybe I need to discern with the Caps... ;)

Cyrond said...

Germans always want to sing -- I'm not feeling that myself too often, but Brother Roger from Taizé used to say that the singing in the night was always longer in weeks with more Germans, so this really might be true!