February 3, 2012

House Cooling

I'm moving into a transitional space at the end of month in preparation for my big move to Rome in the spring. So in these days I've started to think about how to deal with and store my stuff. In this effort, I'm trying to give some things away. The student friars in the neighborhood can make good use of some of the books and religious equipment. It's better than packing things up to sit lonely in a friary basement.

I love the feeling of letting go of stuff. There's a liminality to it, and  a certain primal sensation of freedom. I always feel curiously alive when I'm packing up and moving.

So for any of the brothers who check this blog, come by if you can use: a brand new, black, Samsonite backpack, a complete set of astonishingly ugly Roman-style vestments, also black, a set of gaudy cruets complete with plate, or a baseball card display case. (See this old post for why I had such a thing.)

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