February 24, 2012

No Life I Know To Compare

You certainly hear some far out conversations in religious life. One of the brothers had selected Ducote and Daigle's "Remember Your Love" as the hymn for Evening Prayer, which of course led everybody, with the tune still in their heads, to sing Willy Wonka's "Pure Imagination" while we were doing dishes. I mean, listen to them; they're pretty close.

In the midst of all the fun of trying to remember the words, one of the brothers, the one washing the pots at the sink, was discovered in the dissent of humming "The Girl from Ipanema."

"I know that song! What is it?"

"It's 'The Girl from Ipanema'"

"Oh yeah! Wasn't that sung by somebody in a big hat?"

"Like Dr. Seuss?"

1 comment:

Barb, ofs said...

HA!!!!!!! We've noticed that resemblance too, in our choir. (And now the Wonka version is stuck in my head, thankyouverymuch...)