April 29, 2012

Der Osterhase

I saw this over at WDTPRS and couldn't resist the re-post.

Now, this is not as bad as it looks. Not that my German is good enough to really tell what's going on, but it seems like the Easter Bunny's speech is devout enough, and my best guess is that he is invited to speak after Communion instead of giving the homily, which would be inappropriate. (Bunnies are not valid matter for ordination.) Also, he doesn't give out candy until after the blessing and dismissal, revealing that he respects the integrity of the Mass and the communion fast.


Tejas said...

Awesome! Thanks for reposting, Charles! It's good to see people encouraging the remembrance of what Easter really is all about. Jesus. :)

michael said...

Der Osterhase appears to be winded.

Brother Charles said...


My mom made the same observation.