February 12, 2007


Francis writes, at the beginning of this fifth Admonition:
Pay attention, o human being, to the excellency the Lord God has placed you in, who created and formed you to the image of his beloved Son according to the body and to his likeness according to the spirit.

In this little phrase is all the genius of Franciscan reflection on Christ and his Incarnation. For Francis claims that even our bodies are created in the image of the Son of God. Therefore, that the Son of God became one of us could not have been God's "plan B" to deal with original sin, but must have been in the plan of Providence from the Beginning.

God would have become Incarnate in Jesus Christ even if we had never sinned, because the point of the Incarnation is not remedial, but the summing up of all things in the overwhelming generosity and goodness of God.

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