May 1, 2007


Paula turned me onto Dying Man's Daily Journal. I'm grateful, because it is a beautiful witness to faith and grace, done in a simple and honest way. Here's the beginning of the latest post:
I came to a realization today. I have become part of this world or ours that expects instant gratification. I want what I want, and I want it now. Yesterday, I was in the hospital and they gave me a prescription for a couple of medications to help me feel better. I am almost embarrassed to admit but this morning I was a little disappointed when I woke up. I took the first of the new medications last night and I really don’t feel any different this morning, whats up with that?

What makes this an important spiritual reflection is not the depth of the problem-an attachment to instant gratification-but the way in which such things are laid bare when we are facing the ultimate.

That's why we're called to heal our attachments and little maladaptive patterns of behaving. Sure we can work around them in ordinary life, but when we are faced with ultimate questions like permanently committing our life or illness or the final act we are called to accomplish, our death, little spiritual foibles magnify themselves. Check it out!


forget me not said...

This is similar and there are some beautiful icons written by her at her icon link. She has almost reached the end of her journey, so Abbott Joseph is keeping us posted on her condition.

Bill said...

I am honored that you would chose to mention my blog in your post. I am glad you found my blog as I was able to backtrack and find yours. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll. You have a wonderful site.
Bill - Dying Man's Daily Journal