May 8, 2007

First Communion

This weekend was first communion at the parish where I work, which is one of my favorite annual celebrations. It's a beautiful witness, makes everybody happy, and it doesn't demand much extra liturgical or ritual effort.

There was also a friend of one the brothers visiting, along with his new girlfriend. Later on in the day I remarked to the friar on how devoutly and attentively she had received her communion. "That's interesting," he said, "she's a Baptist!"

So I guess I ministered one more first communion than I knew.


Hidden One said...

Hmmmm... maybe the world will soon be down one Baptist, up one Catholic?

Anonymous said...

My daughter is going to be recieving her first communion this summer with your sisters the Capuchin Clares when they celebrate the feast of their founder St. Clare of Assisi at their chappel, St. Patrick's Mission in Denver this comming August.

Please pray for her, her name is Maria.

Charles of New Haven said...

It sounds like it will beautiful, Anonymous. Congratulations to you and Maria.