May 31, 2007


The feast of the Visitation reminds me of one of the ways I failed to endear myself to the clergy at the last parish where I worked.

The last time the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth came up in the Liturgy was on Christmas eve. I was in the sacristy with one of the priests preparing for Mass, and he was talking about his homily. He meant to build his message on the odd fact that of all of the journeys that make up the Christmas stories, this one was the only trip for which the Scripture did not give a precise reason.

Luke just doesn't say exactly why Mary set out to visit Elizabeth. So, being the pain that I am, I offered that it was so obvious that Luke didn't have to say. Mary was Jewish, it was Christmas eve, so naturally she was going out to get Chinese food.

Needless to say, the priest was not amused.

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Jeron said...

That's funny. Some religious it seems had their funny bone removed at solemn profession.