May 16, 2007


This line from St. Francis' first Admonition has been fascinating me lately:
Thus, the Spirit of the Lord, who lives in his faithful, it is he who receives the sacred body and blood of the Lord.

So often we think of holy communion as something that we receive from Christ. In fact, it is the eternal communion of Father, Son, and Spirit, stretched forth to include us in the sacrifice of Christ, that we simply allow ourselves to step into.

Holy communion is the perfect joy and mutuality of the Trinity. The humanity of Christ--his Body and Blood we receive in the Eucharist--is just a portal for us enter into it.


Michael K. "Rose" McCleary said...

This very fact brought me to the Catholic church, as well as why I so ardently try to get my (Evangelical) friends to at least concide to this Truth, so that we may all not only have, but be, in Communion.


Rashfriar said...

Peace! I love Admonition 1. The line you cite also helps answer a question about worthiness. We have to do all we can to be worthy to receive the Lord, but even at our best, we cannot ever really say we are worthy of this gift. But, as Francis said, it is the Spirit that receives in us this gift, and so we can receive worthily. Amazing. God bless you!

Jeff said...

Br. Charles. This is a very beautiful and profound statement, and your comment on it is succinct but leaves nothing out. I'm going to put a link here in my blog.

One thing: I pulled out my two volume Omnibus, and I cannot find something entitled admonition I, can you point me in the right direction?

Charles of New Haven said...

Jeff, let me know the exact edition you have.

Jeff said...

I found them, apparently I was just being blind or something there for a moment.

Jeron said...

I've never thought of receiving Communion in quite that way before. Now when I go to Mass I'll be pondering this. Thank you!