July 7, 2009

Caritas in Veritate

Be joyful all Franciscan hearts!

In his new encyclical, Caritas in veritate, our Holy Father uses fraternity as an economic category in his teaching on the progress of the human family.

I can't find the Latin to double check this. If anyone can supply a link, thanks!


Anonymous said...

The Latin is not yet available. My understanding was that one of the reasons it was delayed so long between signing date and actual release is due to some challenges they are having in translating into Latin, with lots of modern terminology (and as Fr. Z points out, the Latin office of Secretariat of State is short staffed right now), but I imagine the Latin will be up within a day or so.

Brother Charles said...

Ok. Are they taking applications?

CUAguy said...

I think that you need to be Fr. Foster good before they would request you.

Besides, in the obidence section of Priests for the Third Millennium, +Dolan said that requesting assignments is never good thing, and shows the complete opposite of obidence. :p

Richard said...

I notice that the Englis translation leaves much to be desired. We always referred to God as "He, His, Him." Now he is referred to as "he, his, him." Right off the gitgo, in paragraph #1, I think the 3rd sentence, it caused me to pause to figure out whose truth the Pope is talking about -- man's or God's. Whst a difference an "H" makes -- or and "h".


Anonymous said...

MY spelling leaves much to be desired. Shame on me!