July 9, 2009

Four Days of Veronica Giuliani

St. Veronica Giuliani is one of the great characters from our Capuchin tradition. Our current Roman-Franciscan breviary and sacramentary celebrate her feast day on July 10. The 1962 Missale Romano-Seraphicum celebrates her on July 9. This creates the curious situation of being able to celebrate the same saint two days in a row, in the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms, respectively.

Even more confusing, the 1942 M R-S puts her day on July 11, and her English wikipedia article puts it on the 12th.

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ben in denver said...

St. Veronica Giuliani is one of my favorites.

To add a fifth day for the celebration of this great Capuchin, The Roman Martyrology has her listed on July 9, the anniversary of her death in 1727.

I was introduced to this wonderful saint a couple of years ago by the local Capuchin Clares after the birth of my daughter Veronica. Although we named her after Veronica of the veil,, it is clear that she also has a special spiritual relationship with Veronica Giuliani.