July 4, 2009

Thorns in the Flesh

Spiritual obstacles can be spiritual opportunities if we use them well, avoiding self-pity and practicing our dependence on God. Follow this link for my homily for this weekend.

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4narnia said...

very nice and thoughful homily, Fr. C! (especially your personal example of the "jar of jelly beans.") you're right in saying that we really don't know what St. Paul meant when he said: "That I, Paul, might not become too elated, because of the abundance of revelations, thorn in the flesh was given me, an angel of Satan to beat me."~2 Corinthians 12:7-10~ i feel that our weaknesses and temptations keep us humble and keep us from getting too "elsted," as St. Paul says. it's through our weakknesses thst the grace and power of Jesus is made perfect. i can really relate to this Sunday's Gospel where it says: Many who heard Jesus in Nazreth were astonished."Where did this man get all this? Whst kind of wisdom has been given him?" And they took offense at him.~Mark 6:1-6~ we might be tempted to keep our spiritual gifts to ourselves, especially because of the fact that others don't always like those who may seem more gifted than they are. but, we have to remember that we each have the gifts we've been given for a reason and a purpose. remember, too, that people were offended by Jesus and, so, chances are they'll be offended by us, too. the church leaders in Jerusalem didn't particularly care for Jesus and even people in his hometown didn't care for him, either. a personal example of how i can relate to this would be my own family and relatives. it's not the popular thing when we feel 'convicted in our heart' of a certain truth to take an unpopular stand. but, remember that Jesus did just this and He healed the sick. weakness always made room for Jesus. Jesus can and does work through our weakness. when we are weak, then HE is strong. PEACE! ~tara t~