July 13, 2009

Roman Martyrology

The Roman Martyrology is a recent discovery for me, and one that I know I will enjoy very much. For one thing, it has cured me of a long-standing bit of ignorance.

In our communities, each friar gets an annual celebration. For those who received names in religion, the name day is celebrated. For those of us who entered after the end of religious names (as well for those who reverted to their baptismal names when given the chance), we celebrate birthdays like the rest of the world.

I was always baffled by these name days. A lot of the religious names among us aren't saints you've ever heard of. They aren't in the liturgical calendar as most of us know it. So where did these name days come from? Well, now that I know the Roman Martyrology, I have found the source. For example, today over at the old friars' home they are celebrating the name day of Fr. Joel, whose name in the world was Dan. And there it is in the Martyrology for July 13:

In Palæstína sanctórum Joélis et Esdræ Prophetárum.


ben in denver said...

It's online!


I love the martyrology. I keep asking St. Nick to bring me a hard copy for Christmas, but he hasn't yet.

In the meantime I use this online version that is a litle older, but has both the latin and english.

Another of my favorites in this vein is The Golden Legend, which is also online:


St. Nick hasn't brought me the hardcopy of that one either.

But he did recently bring me 4 of the 9 volumes of The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Gueranger! And for just a small donation to the Cardinal Stafford Theological Library.

Qualis Rex said...

Brother Charles, another great post. I have always had a very close affinity with many saints. To me they are like ancestors of our faith (i.e. distant relatives) who paved the way for our existence today. So, does this mean you are potentially considering a name-change to Desiderius? Ampelius? No? OK...how about Castrensis?

BEN - thanks SO MUCH for that link! It's GREAT! I'm poaching and scavenging all the cool artwork from it for my personal stash : )