July 4, 2009

Indian Orthodox Wedding

We had a very ecumenical afternoon here in church, as hosts for a wedding for the Malankara Orthodox. I don't know how it was arranged, but I ended up being the host. I got a few blurry pictures:

First, the presiding priest gave an exhortation on the meaning and purpose of marriage:

Deacon Gregory incenses everyone. Ah...praying ad orientem.

The heads of bride and groom were blessed in preparation for the crowning:


for narnia said...

nice pictures, Fr. C! thanks for sharing. do the Indian Orthodox people use the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom? PEACE!

Anonymous said...

You get interesting weddings at the Heart. LOL . Was it Syro-malankara Catholic or Orthodox?

Brother Charles said...

The couple were both Orthodox. All of the clergy up there were, but for one Roman with bi-ritual faculties in the S-M rite.

Anonymous said...

Jeevon would be proud!

Anonymous said...

How did an orthodox wedding end up in a Roman church... quite intriguing.

Brother Charles said...

Indeed, Anonymous. I'm not sure how it was arranged. It came to be planned through our former pastor, and was then delegated to me to take care of, e.g. turn on the lights, light the candles, etc.

Unknown said...

Question: How did an orthodox wedding end up in a Roman church... quite intriguing.


Brother Charles said...

It was intriguing to me to, as I have said. I'm not even quite sure how it happened, as the wedding was scheduled by our former pastor in conjunction with a local Roman priest who is bi-ritual in the Catholic rite analogous to the Malankar Orthodox.

Judging from the size of the wedding, I think it may have been as simple as a question of space for guests!