September 22, 2009

Mass Ordination

NLM has picked up this thread from the forum Ceremonia y rúbrica de la Iglesia española, on the topic of so-called simultaneous or synchronized Masses. Scroll down to see the pictures of the ordination of 842 priests at once, via 21 bishops offering Mass all at the same time.

Never again will I indulge the idea that my role as MC for friar funerals is a liturgical burden, for I can see that I have been spared much, indeed.

The post indicates that there was one Capuchin among them. I would love to hear about it from him, or any of these priests. They would probably be about eighty-three years old now.


pennyante said...

I took a look at the NLM site and they offered the date to be 1952. This soooooo reminds me of the 1950era college craze of "how many people can fit into a VW" or "how many people can fit into a telephone booth" (of course, few people probably know what a telephone booth is nowadays)...

I hate to say it, but it really seems like a gimmick to me and not the beautiful and solemn ceremony an ordination is supposed to be. I think the NLM also mentioned that these types of ordination spectaculars were soon outlawed.

Hidden One said...

Definitely outlawed with good reason, too.

Even so, I can still see why people thought it would be cool.