September 5, 2009

Speech Impediments

I can't think of a blurb this morning, except to say that you can follow this link for my homily for this weekend.


4narnia said...

very inspirational homily, Fr. C! thank you! we could all learn something from that story of the man you saw during your walk that day. that is a pretty sad thing to be using that kind of language and have that much anger while even on the way to "Holy Mass," as you put it. people often act similarly as that man you encountered even immediately after leaving Holy Mass. my own personal reflection of the readings speaks more about how we should be good listeners. i heard somewhere once that we should "listen twice as more as we speak, because we have two ears and one mouth." if we really want to learn how to listen, we need to turn off exterior distractions and turn down the interior noise so that we can make room for listening and "be open," just as you mentioned, Fr. C, in your great homily, and as Jesus says in the Gospel "Ephphatha!"- that is, "Be opened!"~Mark 7:34~ many of us have friends and family who constantly talk all the time and never give others a chance to get even a word in. the opposite of this is that those who genuinely listen are the ones worth listening to. because when a good listener speaks, they usually have goog, helpful and wise things to say. i think that if we truly want to be heard and if we truly want to know and do God's Will, then try listening. the more we listen, even in prayer, the more open we will become and the more we will hear and see and receive Jesus in every person we encounter. my prayer for all is that the Lord Jesus will open our ears so that we might listen more effectively and that our hearts be opened so that we may respond with all our being. i can't remember where in Sacred Scripture (maybe from Isaiah?) it says this (maybe you can remind us, Fr. C?) but it says: "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." PEACE! ~tara t~

Qualis Rex said...

Ahhhhh. Now it comes into place. It puts your previous post from the other day into perspective. Well, just like the "mourner" who cursed out the driver, I get the same way when I see people talking incessantly during the consecration, or talking on cell-phones during mass etc, knowing that they will be most likely receiving the holy eucharist as well. But then I catch myself and say, "not my issue. It's between them and God." It's enough for me to work out my own salvation through fear and trembling. YOU on the other hand have the immense responsibility of "setting the bar". If I were in danger of receiving communion at the risk of putting my immortal soul in jeopardy, I'd sure want you to let me know beforehand so that I could understand and rectify this.