September 21, 2009

Monty Python's Report Card for God

This was in a book of Monty Python stuff that was around the house when I was a kid. I still find it very, very funny. Once in a while I've looked for it on the web and the other day it turned up.

Pupils Name: God

(11%) Poor, handwriting weak.

(9%) Very poor.

(30%) Suprisingly poor. His knowledge appears somewhat dated. Interesting ideas about rock formation; keeps going around going Kerpow!

(28%) Weak, thinks he know it all. Constantly rude about Darwin

(14%) Poor, keeps disputing Biblical facts on the ground that he was "misquoted"

(100%) Quite the best student I've ever had

(87%) An excellent carpenter. Mary and I are still very fond of him

(54%) A useful little cook, the pillar of salt will come in handy for a long time.

(62%) Very creative, however he does keep claiming to have created everything, including myself, Mr Vidler and the organist.

Will not row, hates games and once parted the waters of the swimming pool during a match against the old boys which was both unsporting and dangerous. He can still do press ups.

I am afraid that I am severely disappointed in God's work. All three of him have shown no tendency to improve and He merely sits at the back of the class talking to Himselves. He has shown no interest in rugger, asked to be excused prayers and moves in a mysterious way.
What is more his omniprescence is beginning to cause some embarrasment in big school, since he is continually out of bounds and at the same time always in matron's bed.

Finally, his attentions to the carpentry masters fiancee caused her to leave a term early and there are several nasty rumours flying around.

I am very sorry to be losing God's ability and friendliness from the house. We will never forget how he made the Model Railway Club layout in six days! It seems unlikely that he will now get into Oxford or Cambridge but I could recommend Him for a job at Unilever.


Anonymous said...

My personal favorite remains "The Spanish Inquisition" and let's not forget "The Bishop"!!

Brother Charles said...

oh no!

Roger Bryant said...

No mention of SPAM, or The Holy Hand Grenade....

I'm disappointed...