September 23, 2009

Overheard in the Sacristy

When I'm in purgatory being finally and gratefully purified of my various stupidities, I won't be able to say people didn't try to help.

Parish sacristan, upon seeing me in secular clothing for the first time:

"Did grunge come back?"


Rachel Gray said...

You make me laugh, Father. I love your blog!

BTW... you sign yourself Brother Charles; should I call you Brother or Father? You religious order priests trip me up. :)

Qualis Rex said...

Eh...? so you won't make "Next Top Model". Whaddyagonnado?

Brother Charles said...

The brother/father thing is complicated and delicate. In our community everyone's official label is "brother," whether he is a priest or a layman. Sometimes, however, "father" is used, especially in ministerial contexts because of being a priest.