April 8, 2010


Gentle reader from outside Wichita (maybe Clifford Township?), as best I can tell it was you who rolled over the counter on this page to 100,000. Thanks for the visit!

So I thank God for the gift of this blog in my life and for all of the prayer and encouragement I have received from it, and for all of the friends I have made in the Lord. Peace to you and thanks.


GrandmaK said...

Wow!! Congratulations! Cathy

Mark in Spokane said...

Congratulations! I'm nowhere near 100,000 yet!

Qualis Rex said...

Thanks from us to you as well.

ben in denver said...

Fr. Charles,

Your blog is a small consolation for me nearly every morning as I start my work. You have been a channel for grace into my days.

It is therefroe no wonder to me that so many others have also found their way here.

I do sincerely hope that we might have the opportunity to meet in person one day.

Qualis Rex said...

Ben - I LOVE it! My sentiments exactly!