April 21, 2010

Right Lisa, a Wonderful, Magical Animal

So responded Homer Simpson, disbelieving his daughter Lisa's claim that bacon, ham, and pork chops had a single origin.

Today I was using one of the classrooms at our grade school to host a meeting. While I was waiting for folks, I enjoyed reviewing displays that the children had made on the countries of the world. I was impressed by the diversity of countries, as well as the care and effort that had gone into the work. I was proud of our kids. The original assignment could be discerned from the displays: one was to report on the government, culture, religion, dress, and food of each country.

One little text box caught my eye:

The most popular delicacy in England is fish and chips. In the United States it is referred to as Chicken Strips and French Fries.

I have advised Fr. Pastor to review the science curriculum.


Rae said...

I'd gotten the chips=fries thing, but I never knew that fish=chicken. Good thing for a vegetarian to learn. ;-)

Qualis Rex said...

Now you see how easy it was for poor Ms Jessica Simpson got tunafish mixed up with chicken. Maybe we should just come up with a genetically engineered "ficken" to prevent this culinary faux-pas from ever occuring again.