April 23, 2010

And His Poor Mother

The poverty of the holy family goes fittingly with the humility of the Lord's incarnation, as well as providing a model for the poverty of spirit befitting the Christian soul. One of the questions we friars are asked in the examination before perpetual vows illustrates the point well:

As pilgrims and strangers in this world, do you wish to embrace the most high poverty of our Lord Jesus Christ and His poor mother and to share with joy the life of the poor and of the least in this world seeing in them the face of the Lord?

In light of all this, I was surprised to see that our Blessed Mother has the money to go around donating stained glass windows:

This is from Immaculate Conception ("St. Mary's), the mother church of Yonkers. It's my favorite church in the neighborhood. I've been wanting to get this picture for a long time, but the light hasn't cooperated until today.


Qualis Rex said...

Ah...the Immaculate Heart: the gift that keeps on giving.

Kevin F said...

She paid for the window with the profits she made after her husband helped her sell her house ;-)(reference to previous post)