April 9, 2010

$2 Worth of Providence

One of my little spiritual practices is to try to notice divine Providence in the course of a day. Today was a good one:

As I often do on a day off, I decided to go into Manhattan for a little while. I wasn't sure if there was a whole bus fare left on my MetroCard, so I brought along $2.25 in quarters just in case. As it turned out, there was one fare left on my card, so I didn't need them. Then, as I sat in the back of the southbound Bee Line #2 bus, quietly starting in my rosary, I heard someone at the front of the bus asking if anyone had change. So I got up and traded eight of my quarters for two dollar bills.

I changed at 242nd and Broadway and got on the 1 train, which I took all the way to 28th St. After confession at Francis of Assisi, I walked up to St. Agnes by Grand Central for Mass. As a priest, it's nice to simply go to Mass once in a while, to have the chance to hear someone else preach and to be able to take your time in prayer at and after Holy Communion. I usually forget, however, to have something ready for the collection. Providentially, I had the two dollars from the lady on the bus for the basket at St. Agnes.

$2 worth of Providence for the lady on the bus, for St. Agnes, and for me.


Sara said...

Hi Brother Charles. I am a brand new Catholic (baptized last week) and I am also a BeeLine Bus rider (just a bit north of you). How cool. :) Thanks for your blog.

Brother Charles said...

Happy Easter octave, neophyte!

I can't believe it's been 18 years for me. It's quite a journey! Be ready!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Providence at work...Really wonderful!!! Cathy

blogmeister said...

Pray tell . . . how did you get back to the City of Gracious Living if you had nothing left on the Metro card, and gave away the $2?

Brother Charles said...

I used my Verizon rebate card to buy a train ticket at GCT! I am a participant in many levels of alternative economy!