May 4, 2010

2nd Holy Communion

This morning it was my luck to have the grade school children for Mass; they are always a delight, especially singing with their enthusiastic choir. While I was preaching, I remarked to myself that among the children were the first communicants from this past Sunday. Presuming that they did not assist at Mass yesterday (which I think is a good bet) today would be their second Holy Communion!

It was really beautiful to see them again, much more relaxed this time and not having to be dressed up, as each devoutly came forward to receive the Host, making the proper bows and stepping to the side so well. I am very grateful for the privilege of such moments.

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4narnia said...

how sweet, Fr. C! that's why i feel it's such a privilege and honor to teach the children who are preparing to receive first Holy Communion. it's such a great age and they're so full of eagerness and anticipation to receive Jesus - we should all receive Jesus like that. PAX! ~tara t~