May 19, 2010

Almost Consistent

To help us remember to pray for each other, each friar in our province is given a little calendar booklet or set of cards to put in his breviary. Each friar is listed on a certain day when it is particularly appropriate to pray for him. The dead are listed on their anniversary of death. Those living who have religious names are listed on their 'name day,' the feast day of the saint or--in the case of Old Testament saints--the day on which they are listed in the martyrology. Those still on earth and without religious names are listed on their birthday.

Today is the anniversary of death of a certain Fr. Venantius. When he died in 1966, May 18 was still the feast of St. Venantius. So presuming that this was his religious name and not the name his mother gave him (it seems like a safe assumption), Father died on the day following his name day. He just missed keeping the same day in life and death as his privileged day for having the brothers pray for him.

For me to manage perfect consistency in this regard, I would have to die on my birthday, which seems rather grim. Late February is a popular time to die, however, so you never know.


ben in denver said...

Well, since Summorum Pontificum, May 18th is again an Optional Memorial for St. Venantius, since every priest now has the option of following the 1962 calendar, at least for private masses and in praying the office.

Have you any idea why he was replaced by Pope St. John I in the liturgical reform? He had previously been commemorated on May 27. I understand that he is believed to have died on May 18 or 19, and this provides some explanation concerning the move, but why was St. Venantius removed alltogether?

KAM said...

"Late February is a popular time to die..." I love that line, I don't know why, just made me laugh, ...and think...