May 21, 2010

Mustard and Grace

As I start to think about moving, one of the things that happens is that I run into things long packed away, like journals of notes to myself. As I rearranged some things in my foot locker this morning, I turned to random page in one volume and found this amusing and biting little reflection:

March 10 [2005]

Spring break. At the soup kitchen this morning. Hot dog and chili day. Everyone was getting mad because:

1. They only got one hot dog
2. There was no mustard

Guests were mad, staff were annoyed with the guests, etc., etc. A mess of a day.

Reflection: Am I not exactly the same way with grace?


FrankCaiati said...

Honey Mustard Grace or Dijon Grace.
I feel ya.

Qualis Rex said...

LOL!! Great one, Father Charles. Been there. Anyone who says "beggars can't be choosers" has never worked in a soup kitchen or a home for the elderly.