May 6, 2010

Report From The Library

Today was my first visit to the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry where I am supposed to begin doctoral studies in the fall. I had a good meeting with the director of the program, which did a lot better than to "lend content to my anxiety" as I explained the purpose of the meeting to one of the brothers this morning.

I also inspected the library, and have a mixed report. The folio opera omnia of St. Bonaventure which used to be in the reference section at Weston Jesuit seems not to be there; though there is a perfectly good smaller edition in the general collection. Everything else I could think of was there. I forgot to check for Cajetan's commentary on St. Thomas, which was the only glaring omission I ever noticed at the old WJST library in Cambridge.

On the good side, the library was quiet. On the bad side, it was rather dimly lit in places and somewhat dreary in general. Also, when I went to make a photocopy of St. Anthony's sermon for Holy Thursday (I'm using it for a talk I'm giving at a prayer breakfast next month), I found that the copy machines only accepted some arcane form of local currency. Perhaps I will be introduced to such things.

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