June 18, 2011

(Fr.) Corapi

In my prayer last night and this morning, the developing situation with Fr. Corapi intruded into my thoughts. So I've been praying for him as best I can. He's never been my sort of thing, but that doesn't mean he didn't reach and inspire many people to seek the Lord and get excited about their Catholic faith.

But the statement that appeared from him yesterday struck me as very strange and somewhat disturbing on several levels. I suspect that this is the situation for which Corapi's ordination day classmate Fr. Z has been asking prayers in these days.

So today I just pray for him, for his community, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, and for those who found inspiration in his priestly ministry.


Unknown said...

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Greg said...

Father Corapi also caught my attention. Not knowing the details it is hard to comment on his specific case.

But the matter raises questions. Does the Church have the best conflict resolution procedures in place?

I launched into speculation on my blog...