June 5, 2011

Postquam hostem et inferna

I have to admit it. I love to sing. So I was happy this morning when the choirmaster announced that for a communion meditation we would sing Adam of St. Victor's sequence for the Ascension, Postquam hostem et inferna.

It begins:

Postquam hostem et inferna
spoliavit ad superna
Christus redit gaudia
angelorum ascendenti
sicut olim descendenti
parantur obsequia

"After despoiling enemy and hell,
Christ returns to joyful heights,
ascending as before he descended,
attended by the angels."

That's very loose. As always, translation improvements are welcome in the comments!


Alex Joseph said...

My literal translation:

"After plundering the Enemy and Hell, Christ returns to happy heights, ascending just as he once descended, served by retinues of angels."

My attempt at a verse translation that (sort of) matches the verse structure of the original:

The enemy of souls destroyed,
Victorious o'er the hellish void,
Christ returns triumphantly
In glory; as when he descended
So he rises, now attended
By angel hosts on bended knee.

Brother Charles said...