June 8, 2011

From My Confessor: Feeding The Animal

"As spiritual as we might become, we are still also animals. And the animal man has needs--food, water, shelter, and rest for sure--but also things like beauty, play, pleasure, friendship. Of course these needs have to be attended to within the limits of divine law, reason, and our state in life if we want to be happy. But they must be attended to nonetheless; sometimes subtle temptations can get us to ignore them. We do so at our peril. If we don't feed the animal, soon we will find that the animal feeds on us."


Metaphysical Catholic said...

I suppose since you didn't write this, it's safe for me to say how much I liked it without being mistaken for a manipulative flatterer. Of course, if you want to leave me all your wordly goods during "Make a Will Month" because I shared this on Facebook, who am I to refuse? ;-)

Peace of Christ be with you.

Brother Charles said...

And also with you. Thanks for the encouragement!

Greg said...

Might have been titled "Ode to Brother Ass."

Blessed Francis had a way of putting things in perspective.