June 16, 2011

The Trials of Web Celebrity

I admit it; I enjoy playing foursquare. And I think I'm pretty good at it too; after about a year of playing I have eighteen badges and am currently holding down twenty-four mayorships. I would be even more of a success if someone would invent the Catholic badges I proposed back in this post.

One of pizza shops in my neighborhood has a large LCD monitor that cycles through news headlines, special offers, and best of all, a congratulations to the current mayor on foursquare, paired with a taunt inviting viewers to "check in" in an effort to oust him.

Having recently recovered the mayorship myself, I was up at the counter picking up my gyro when I came up on the display. "That's me!" I announced to the guys working there. Amid various cries of "Aha!" and "You're that guy?" as well as a couple of other less repeatable interjections, I realized that my self-revelation had resolved a minor mystery.

They congratulated me on my mayorship, but made a little request: could I please switch out my profile picture for something less bizarre, thank you very much.

So as soon as the site boots itself up from the casters-up mode it seems to be in this afternoon, I'll switch out my current profile picture:

For this one:


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Fr. Christian Mathis said...

I like the current photo much better.