January 27, 2009

Holocaust Memorial Day

I just wanted to post this as a counterpoint to recent concerns regarding the Holy Father and the SSPX.


Pia said...

News from a few minutes ago: The superior general of SSPX Fellay asked the Pope to forgive Bishop Williamson for his remarks and has imposed silence regarding this issue on him.

phil said...

At the risk of sounding unkind to Bishop Fellay, I would tend to think that the apology should have come from Bishop Williamson. At the very least a more strongly worded condemnation was in order. Calling Williamson's remarks 'ill-advised is far too mild. And perhaps broadening the apology to others besides the Pope who were rightfully offended by his statements would also be appropriate.

ben in denver said...

Despite our tendancy to think that the clergy of the SSPX has little respect for the law or obedinece, I beleive that Bp. Fellay's response is so moderate because it is a stange this fro a bishop with no real jurisdiction to be disciplining a prelate of equal rank. That Fellay asserted his rights as superior in the Society so strongly as to forbid Williamson to speak on political and historical issues point to the sincereity of his desire for reconcilliation with the See of Peter.