January 13, 2009

My Funeral Homily

On Sunday morning I was in the sacristy setting up vessels for the next couple of Masses. One of the friars started to make fun of me a little bit, suggesting that if I had enough chalices, patens, ciboria, linens, sacramentaries and lectionaries, (as well as some way to keep bread and wine fresh) I would lay out and have set up and ready to go every Mass from now until the Lord's return.

When I thought about it, I realized that he was probably right. So I related to him how another of the friars once remarked that he observed my basic desire in life as to become "all set."

So then the brother in the sacristy said that this would be a fine funeral homily for me: "Well, Charles, now you're all set." Let's hope that I will be.


GrandmaK said...

Perhaps you suffer a bit of OCD. I know that's the way I get when getting ready for work, Mass, trips...I have this routines. That's not bad! It's good to be ready, right? Cathy

4narnia said...

hi Fr. C!
i think it's just that you seem pretty organized. there's nothing wrong with that!