January 30, 2009

The Superbowl and the Culture of Death

From several places, especially Historical Christian--which I recommend to everyone--I heard this morning of NBC's rejection of this beautiful Superbowl ad:

Of course it's a little flawed. One isn't against the crime of abortion because of the possibility that a child will be someone talented or important, or could contribute much to the world, but because life is the original gift of God, and the only appropriate response to this 'original blessing' is gratefulness. Nevertheless, the ad takes a clever rhetorical strategy, hoping that those who participate in the happy and wholesome uplift Obama has brought might become willing to extend that hope to the unborn as well.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Charles:

While I think I understand what you are saying about this video being somewhat flawed, I think I would rather say it is incomplete. I see this video as an attempt to make the connection that so many fail to make, i.e., the life in the womb and the person he or she becomes. Unfortunately, many in our society place more value on some lives over others. For example, babies in the womb with Downs Syndrome are much more likely to be aborted. As you point out, the gift of life is from God and the decision to take that life is not ours to make.

Br. James, OFM Cap.

Brother Charles said...

A good point, Brother. "Incomplete" is perhaps better than "flawed." Always I need to train myself into the hermeneutic of appreciation!