January 8, 2009

Where My Christmas Money Went

Today my Extraordinary Form kit from the FSSP arrived in the mail. It's a lot of stuff! Check it out:

There's a facsimile edition 1962 Missale Romanum, complete with a little sticker to amend the Canon to include St. Joseph (Bl. John XXIII added St. Joseph to the Canon in 1962) and a copy of the accompanying decree from the Congregation for Rites. There are two sets of compact, laminated altar cards, plus another, larger set that could be put into one of those nice frames. Where do I get a set of those?There are laminated cards for the vesting prayers, the prayers at the foot of the altar, and the thanksgivings after Mass. Finally, there are a few instructional books, two DVDs, and a CD to learn the ordinary sung parts of the Mass.

Special thanks to the FSSP for including their new "An Instructional Video for Priests and Seminarians" free of charge!

I have only one complaint: The otherwise very helpful CD, "The Prayers of Holy Mass Recited and Sung" does not have built-in track titles. Those like me who want to import the CD into their iPods will have to supply titles for 137 tracks, unless of course their Latin is so good so as not to need them.


ben in denver said...

Congrats on the Kit. It looks great. My boys have made excellent use of the "How to Serve Low Mass" booklet you have in the photo there.

As for the Altar Cards, At our Church they are just in nice document frames, the kind of thing you might buy at Hobby Lobby, or anyplace else that sells a lot of frames. They are propped up by simple wire racks for mass.

Matt G. said...

Wow, what a large amount of stuff....

I actually saw an ad for that kit, or at least a part of it, online just the other day and I found it interesting. Intending to lead a Mass in the Extraordinary Form anytime soon, brother?