May 15, 2009

Hermitage Notes: The Enemy, Myself

Hi friends! I'm back from the hermitage, and as usual I'll be posting some of my "hermitage notes" over the next few days, along with pictures. Here's the first:

As I sit in "prayer" I try to have a reflection--something clear to write down, perhaps to blog! Nothing happens.

Merciful God! How you refuse to let me ruin the time you have reserved for Yourself with my temptations to vanity and spiritual commercialism!

Because of other, previously scheduled posts, the next installment of "hermitage notes" will appear on Tuesday.


ben in denver said...

Beautiful photo! It is its own testimony to the majesty of our Merciful Creator and His Son Our King.

I trust your retreat was fruitful.

If you have a moment, would you mind offering a prayer for my friend Br. Michael Warren, OMV? He is being ordained to the diaconate in Boston tomorrow.

Brother Charles said...

I shall Ben. New York has their diaconate ordination tomorrow as well, including three of the CFR for whom we offered Mass this morning at the hermitages.

Lee Strong said...

What a blessing to have a chance to get away like that. I hope it will be a rich time for you spiritually!