May 20, 2009

Hermitage Notes: Religious Life

You know you have been in religious life a while when this conversation between two friars makes perfect sense:

"What time would you like to have Mass tomorrow, Brother?"

"Not too early. Late morning, maybe. Like nine o'clock?"

These little orange critters were everywhere around the place. Anybody know what they are?


Jeanne said...

I think you've got either a newt or a salamander with your orange critter. We have them all around here too, especially in the woods. We've got blue ones here in Virginia too.

Brother Charles said...

Thanks, Jeanne! Blue ones must look very cool. :)

pennyante said...

The blue ones here in central Virginia love to crawl around the brick facing on my home. They are a gorgeous blue that is irridescent. Boy are they fast! But sometimes you see them with only a stump for a tail, probably because their tail has been lost in a monumental battle for supremacy in the lizard/newt/salamander world!

Ms. Sarah said...

It looks like some variety of Anole. Green anoles (sold as chameleons to the unsuspecting) are native to the Southern USA. I used to buy them for my sons.Texans squish them with impunity. Go Figure!

Taryn said...

I think it's probably a red eft, which is the juvenile state of an Eastern Newt.

Does he look like this?

Brother Charles said...

Yes, it did! I don't remember the spots, though, but maybe they were too small.