May 18, 2009


Let us give thanks to God for blessing the world today with the marriage of my brother Ben and new sister-in-law Anna.

Grant perfect joy to these loving companions,
as you did your creations in the Garden of Eden.
Blessed are You, LORD,
who grants the joy of groom and bride.


The ladies in the parish office decided that we had to have a cake for the great occasion. It's hard to see, but it does say, "Ben & Anna 5.18"


for narnia said...

congratulations and best wishes to Ben & Anna! wishing them PEACE and God's Blessings-always!
~tsra t~

pennyante said...

May 18th is also my own wedding anniversary. If my husband were alive, it would have been our 52 wedding anniversary.

Of course, it is still my 52 anniversary! :)

ben in denver said...

Marraige has been one of the great joys of my life. I offer my heartfelt congratualtions to your brother and new sister-in-law.

My own anniversary is next Sunday, May 24.