May 5, 2009

Sublime to Mundane

The habit rosary* traditional with the friars of my province is very simple, and hangs from the cord on two little pieces of heavy gauge wire bent into the shape of an omega. Today one of my little omegas broke.

So I went to the friar who cares for the workshop in the downstairs of the monastery to see if I could get a new one. Going into a cigar box deep in one of the drawers, he pulled out two new ones, showing me how he makes them out of--get this--shower curtain rings. "Better to replace both at once, brother."

*Unlike some orders and congregations, a rosary is not an official part of the Capuchin habit.

Habitus noster, iuxta Regulam et usum Ordinis, constat tunica cum caputio castanei coloris, cingulo et sandaliis, vel, iusta de causa, calceamentis.

Our habit, according the Rule and use of the Order, consists of a chestnut colored tunic with a hood, a cord, and sandals, or, for a just cause, shoes. (Capuchin constitutions, 33)


Matthew Ignatius said...

A certain friar in the province told me that parts of his habit Rosary are actually made of paper clips.

Brother Charles said...

It's true. I have fixed not a few with heavy paper clips.

for narnia said...

:)i'm a sandal (or flip flop) person, myself - i would wear sandals & flip flops all year long if i could, if it wasn't for the cold of winter that comes every year. :)

Paul A. Zalonski said...

for the uninitiated, could you explain the Franciscan crown?

Brother Charles said...

Follow this link for my post on the Franciscan Crown!

Anonymous said...

Father Charles, I think that wearing the habit Rosary is a wonderful tradition and I wish that all the friars would wear it.

There is a frequently told story in my family about the night that my great grandmother died on a snowy night in the 1940's. She lived in a house down the hill from the Monastery where you are currently assigned. Her family called the Monastery and one of the Capuchin priests came down to anoint her, descending the concrete steps of the hill. My mother and her siblings still remember that when the priest walked into the house he was, of course, wearing his habit -- but he was also wearing his sandals despite the snow!

Brother Charles said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the commment...and the inspiration!