May 16, 2009

The Love of God

Jesus' farewell instruction to us is as simple as it is deep: that we love one another with the same love with which God loves the world. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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for narnia said...

very beautiful and inspiring homily on God's love, Fr. C! (sorry for the delay in responding to it-another-hopefully the last for a while-busy weekend.) anyway, i agree with the part of your homily where you say that for those of us who love God that our time, talent and treasure will be required. this is a good requirement, though, and i feel that if we're truly in love with God, this will come naturally and will become the desire of our heart. also, on a more personal level, i've been learning that the more we detach (as you also mention in your great homily) the more clearly we will see, hear and follow Jesus. also, another personal example is something that my little 4-year-old nephew, Eric, said to me during last weekend. i seem to be the "favorite" aunt of my nieces & nephews, becuse i'm the one who takes the time to play with them. so, last weekend, as i played in the sandbox with Eric, read books with him, etc..., he simply told me that i was a "good helper" and his "greatest friend." these simple statements from a 4-year-old got me thinking of who the Holy Spirit is to us-the Holy Spirit truly IS our Helper; our Greatest Friend; our Advocate; a Healer; our Peace; our Lover. we are called to go out into the world and share these gifts with others so that they will come to know God in their lives. PEACE! ~tara t~