May 31, 2009

The Outpouring

Each of the baptized is called to fulfill their Marian vocation by consenting to the Holy Spirit's conception of the Word of God within them, and thus to become "another Christ" for the reconciliation and salvation of the world. My homily for Pentecost Day is posted here.

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for narnia said...

excellent homilies, Fr.C!- both of them-the one you gave for the Vigil of Pentecost last night and today's, which i just read. as you say in your homily, we, like Jesus, are sent out into the world to bring the same forgiveness, reconciliation and healing that Jesus brings. we are really instruments of the Lord Jesus and He works through us to bring the gifts of His Holy Spirit to the world. as you also mention, we all have different gifts and talents. that's an important thing to remember, because God uses each of us (His instruments) in different ways depending on our vocation in life at the present time. we have to remember to "bloom where we're planted" and not worry so much about the past or future and just focus on the present. God is leading us very gently, day by day, to where He wants us to be, so it's important to live each day to the fullest and be as open as we can to the Holy Spirit. there are always opportunities to spread the Gospel message all around us every day. just open your eyes, ears, heart and soul and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. just like the saying that "it could be Christmas everyday," it can also be Pentecost everyday! PEACE! ~tara t~