November 2, 2009

All Souls Day

Visit those cemeteries! A plenary indulgence, applicable to the souls in Purgatory, is offered today and each day of the octave of All Souls, for those who do so, devoutly praying for the departed and the intentions of the Holy Father. The normal conditions apply, of course, namely confession and Holy Communion, plus or minus a week from the visit. On today itself, the same indulgence is offered for the same when visiting a church or oratory.

Don't forget that later in the week the first Thursday indulgence for the Year of Priest is available as well!

Here I am, ready to fulfill the apostolic constitution Incruentum altaris:


Tina aka Snupnjake said...

What's in that constitution?

Brother Charles said...

Benedict XV extended a previously regional privilege to allow every priest the right to offer three Masses on All Souls' Day. (The norm is one Mass a day per priest, though in our time the de facto norm is often faculties for two on weekdays and three on Sundays.)

That's why in a missal or sacramentary you will see three Mass formularies for today. One Mass can be for specific intention, another for all the dead, and the third for the intentions of the Holy Father. Only one stipend may be taken.

If you feel like practicing Italian or Latin, Follow this link to check it out.

Tina aka Snupnjake said...


Anonymous said...

Father Charles, thanks for sharing the pictures and for educating us on indulgences. I think we also now know that black vestments are still permitted for use today (as in funeral rites). I like the set that you were wearing in the photos. May God bless you always.

Brother Charles said...

Thank you for your blessing!

ben in denver said...

I know that you can recieve the indulgence each of the 8 days, but what I don't know is how the conditions apply. Do I need to recieve communion each time for the work to effect the indulgence, or can I just have recived communion within the octave once and still get the indulgence each of the 8 days?

If that is confusing, let me put it concretely.

Yesterday I went to mass, recived communion, prayed for the intentions of the Pope, and piuosly prayed for the deceased in a cemetery. I went to confession on Sunday, so I understand that I obtained the indulgence yesterday.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I have time to go to the cemetery again, But I don't think I will be recieving communion again until Sunday, and I will likely not get to confession again until after the Octave is over.

Can I get the indulgence again tomorrow and Saturday?

Thanks Fr. Charles.

Brother Charles said...


My interpretation would be that the indulgence is available on each day, having met the conditions of confession and Holy Communion only once during the Octave, or even in the days prior. My sense is that the "ordinary conditions" of confession and Communion are there to make sure the one seeking the indulgence is practicing the faith according to ordinary practice, is at least habitually in a state of grace and free from serious attachment to grave sin.

So apply away!

Qualis Rex said...

Awesome, Father Charles. You are clearly in your element here. Indulgence or no, you will have my prayers.

Rachel Gray said...

Woohoo, black vestments! Thank you for offering Mass, on All Souls' and all the other days too. :)